Rocket Singh Salesman of the year – The social and psychological challenges of being a sales professional

Rocket Singh is a motivational movie to understand the social and psychological stand of the Sales world. The movie gives you an idea to understand customer behaviours in a competitive world and also as salesperson how to understand the customer an have a win-win situation. Whether it is a business or a life it is about what you give you will gain the same. There are a few examples from the movie to explain, which I will b elaborating below.

Picture Credits – Amazon.in
  • Your Values and Attitudes attract your business – In today’s world of competition, it is persuaded that bing manipulative a cunning will help your growth of the business. But it isn’t the truth. In the movie, the corrupt AYS company which was a decade old business firm had to see failure when Harpreet Sing’s built values, integrity and honesty approach of his Rocket sales company, which was months old firm. Money does not buy you everything, your values can buy you more than what money can buy you. 
  • It is important to keep your work environment happy and satisfied with your companies growth – The AYS company in the movie only focusing on customers joy but the Rocket Sales Company (RCS) focused on people who are part of the firm. Every individual was given the opportunity to opinionate and recognised and appraised. This approach led the people to own their responsibility for the companies growth. People in RCS were satisfied and happy to give their complete contribution to their assigned responsibilities. 
  • Keep your promises – to get your deals the business gives many promises, but later they fail to keep them. The RCS made the promises which were not made by any other companies. The customer services and lesser price quality products, and to keep up to their words which were given to their customers help them for higher demand. The greatest success in the business is always a satisfied customer. 
  • The risks that you take will surprise you – the very famous lines used many times in the movie was “Even Spider-Man takes the risk”. We all avoid taking risks and keep ourselves in a box to not to come out from our comfortable spas. This will not take you anywhere. All the characters who were part of RSC had to take a risk and be courageous and prepare for future consequences. Every success has its own hurdles, nothing easy smooth way, as you take a risk it will motivate to your growth. 

The movie tells you that business is not about numbers, it is about people. You need to understand and be empathetic. This approach is not only applied to your customers, but it also applies to the people who are part of your organisation. Every person in your organisation has its own potential with their social backgrounds. It is very important for you to recognise their abilities to give them the right opportunity.